Interesting Facts About Bones(I Think!)

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Where would you be without your bones?

They seem inert when you look at a x-ray and see the structure of the skeleton. Even though they are hard and dense connective tissue filled with minerals, the bones are complex living tissues that are the structural support for the muscles and other soft tissues of the body as well as the protection for organs.

Bones store calcium, which contributes to making the bones strong and dense. The bones store these mineral salts. In the interior aspect of most bones is where the bone marrow is located, which is the formation site of blood cells.

X-rays demonstrate the amazing structure of the skeletal system with its network of bones.

When scientist unearth remains of a person who lived centuries or thousands of years ago and in some cases millions of years ago (Lucy), the durability of the bones is nearly unbelievable.

What is the longest bone in the body?

It is the femur or thigh bone, which comprises roughly 1/4 of the persons overall height.

What is the smallest bone in the body?

The stirrup bone in the middle ear.

How many bones do newborn babies have?

270 bones. By the time the baby becomes an adult the number shrinks to 206.

Why do adults have 206 bones if babies have 270?

Many bones making up the skull and the spine fuse together as the body grows and becomes older.

How many bones are contained in the hands and the wrists?

A total of 54 bones are found in both of your wrists, hands and fingers.

How many of bones are present in your feet, ankles and toes?

52 bones are located in both feet, ankles and toes.